Blog 3

I would absolutely do it differently. Probably start with better interview question, hopefully have more time to work one on one with someone since we were split into a group of three. I would have dug deeper with questions, most likely tried to use my own camera equipment as well as the things provided to take video, set up some more scenarios. I would have established a more specific, strategic outline/storyboarding on how I wanted to tackle the project and hopefully follow through with more precise execution. I learned how complicated the process involved in making a film really is, and how many different tedious little things have to be done to make it just right, also that operator failure in some cases is inevitable and unfortunate. The editing process was challenging and instructive for me, at times giving me a headache and others a great sense of revelation at what I was able to accomplish. It’s difficult to say whether or not I’m truly happy with the work, it’s very rough and I honestly wish I could change the whole thing and it shows that I do not have a grasp on the production of an entire piece on my own, and that I’m not even close to being ready for something bigger than this. The project was definitely a learning experience for me, probably in more ways intended, I know now how to go about doing an interview, much more on the process of how to make a film.


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